Transition:  (1)    movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another, change.

                   EX:  The transition from adolescence to adulthood.

                          The transition from being single to  being in a partnership.

                          The transition from being a couple to parenthood/family.

In the years I have been apart of this world there are numerous transitions that have been experienced in my life.  Some extremely exhilarating, some simple and ordinary, and some less preferable.  Regardless of the form the transitions have presented themselves I am learning to appreciate the maturing that developes from each one.

I believe there is another transition happening presently, one that envolves myself and every other human being.  The transition is one of mentality,  making a conscious choice to live in such a way that disconnects us from carrying any curse from ancestors/forefathers.  Now, please understand, I am NOT disrespecting our heritage.  I am however acknowledging that there were ideologies then that are absolutely not relevant to us today.

I believe this transition requires a Power more than myself and this is where my prayer life and faith in GOD is evolving.  I am seeing and experiencing, as I am maturing, 🙂 the challenges that transition can bring, in that there is a clear recognition in differences of ideas and beliefs of those I love and respect.  In realizing that reality,  there is the element of Grace that is being developed.  I am learning to use this little gem when these differences present themselves.

The transition our world is having at this time is what I describe as a rebalancing.  Our culture, through time and war and invention, has experienced very drastic changes.  Some examples include wars that took such a large number of men from the households that the women became responsible, through no liberal choice of their own, for their established household responsibilities and child raising, along with the work load the men were responsible for, wether that be outside the home or farmimg or both.  From that experience came the changes of Liberation, most likely to those who were not in the healthiest of spousal relationships to begin with.  It would not make much sense that those who have healthy spousal relationships to be encouraged or enamored by the idea of going it alone and carrying all that responsibility themselves, with little or no help. I also believe that if the partnership balance was so OFF balance that GOD could and very possibly would allow the events that occured to bring that course change about.

The rebalancing is where the best aspects of the family dynamic from early culture ideas and the best aspects of our present cultural state support one another.  That being said, here we are with a significant Work In Progress!!!

Thanks for stopping by this page and having a read!!!

Feel free to share your thoughts!!!


Thoughts, Ideas, Perspectives and Dandelions

Thoughts, Ideas, Perspectives and Dandelions

I have come to a profound awareness of the similarity between our thoughts, ideas and perspectives in comparison to a simple and pure element of nature,…. the dandelion.

As we (society, people) are learning and maturing in life we develop thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.  Some may be generational, some learned from peers and society, and some maybe more of our own inspirations and wisdoms gleaned indirectly from the previous two.  The comparison comes the moment we apply any thought, idea, or perspective into any given area of our life, which in turn has some impact or influence of some degree on any number of peoples lives and their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.  The comparison being us as the Dandelions and our thoughts, ideas, and perspectives being the feathery seed pods that flutter about where-ever they may, and the other people being the ‘ground’ to which the ‘feathery seed pods/thoughts, ideas, perspectives’ land and are possibly planted.  I say possibly because there are many factors that can affect the planting process, such as, if what we are planting, either consciously or  not so consciously is unhealthy or a ‘weed’ the ground keeper may be aware enough to weed that mess out immediately, or if, by chance what we are planting is of value and importance and yet the ground is not receptive then there may be too many rocks or a lot of wind also known as distractions, for example emotions.  However, if all the elements are right the ‘seed pod’ will connect and take root with healthy ‘ground’ and bring positive productive influence.

The same goes for us as the ‘ground’/’ground-keeper’, in that whatever ‘seed pods’ also known as thoughts, ideas, and perspectives we allow to settle on our ground will take root and flourish according to how much we tend to them.  It is strictly up to us, at some point according to age appropriateness, to tend to the weeding of our gardens/grounds, as well.

Pay attention to those around who have a peaceful garden/grounds, and those who are prickly and thorny like weeds.  I believe these descriptions tell us so much about one another’s garden/grounds.  I also hope to help my children to develop and become aware of that for themselves.  There can be an important element to weeding graciously in our gardens/grounds.  If we are too aggressive in our weeding we can cause damage to the root system of what would produce fruit.  Aaaand, this is a good place to close tonight’s entry!!! Good night and God bless and keep us today and always!!!

~Looking Forward~

~Looking Forward~

As 2015 ends and 2016 is on the way there is a revelation that has occurred to me to close doors to ideals, habits, beliefs, and traditions that are no longer solid or foundational in my life.  In doing this I am looking forward to the new doors that will be open for me.  Also in the  realization of this revelation to myself there is a keen awareness in my own understanding about so many of the foundational and traditional beliefs and ideas of my childhood upbringing.  The discernment of the rightness or wrongness of the learning that has been presented to me to this point continues to develop as each day unfolds.

The key element at present would seem to be BALANCE.  I believe there is a very important balance in appreciating the lessons that our pasts offer us, and to do so without lingering there too long in refrain from forging into our futures and possibly applying those wisdoms to any given present moment.  And to stay in balance with the understanding that any situation that would relate to a previous lesson or jewel of wisdom does not reflect the same outcome for any given circumstance or individual.  In regard to that acknowledgement I believe strongly in the guidance of the (our) Spirit.  God is our best guide for discernment.

This is definitely a period in my life where I sense a tremendous amount of pruning and weeding going on with myself.  I do, sometimes, question areas of pruning and weeding on a personal level in regard to what  facets of me are the best ones to let go of and what facets of me are the essential parts of who I AM!!

With moving forward with 2016 and leaving behind, with 2015, what is necessary for my best 2016, I have learned so much about who I AM Not, and hope to continue in learning more of who I AM.  I believe there is a profound need for me to have the ability to show Grace as I continue to grow and develop even more as the person God created me to be.  I am thankful for Gods gift of Discernment to me and the knowledge and wisdom in how, when, where, why and for whom to use this gift, and a Godly spirit of  authority to my presence, especially in the presence of my enemies, be they known or unknown to me.

May God Bless the closing of 2015 and the beginning of 2016!!

God Bless and Keep us today and always!!

* J *





Rainfall and a Good Read, Aaaahh…

Rainfall and a Good Read, Aaaahh…

Good evening readers and/or blog browsers!!!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!  Where I am has been one of those rainy, cozy up with a blanket and good movie or a good book to read kind-of days.  There seem to be many people who are less than thrilled with the idea of rain.  Not this one, at least not on this particular day.

However, today is one of those day when ’16’ (aka 1st child) is given permission by 16’s dad and myself to spend the day with a friend and the friends family, ALL DAY, out of town, like 2 hours out of town.  Many areas are on flood warning alert, along with the fact that we are presently in the early days of getting to know this young man, AND have yet to meet his parents, presents a sense of nervousness.  Some may judge this as a less than wise venture to permit, however, we and she stay in contact and I am certainly not trying to push the relationship along faster than it would seem to be going as it is without my help.  I can’t say the same for the young mans parents, although I have not spoke with them myself, according to 16’s communication to myself they sound thrilled and extremely excited for the connection our children have.  It would even appear that the young mans mom has taken to texting 16.

I know very well that as parents we are in the midst of the ‘cutting of the apron strings’ so to speak, I have already adjusted somewhat to the idea that 16 has adopted other friends’ moms as theirs too,  I just,….this is different in that this is the mother of a young man, she has no daughters and she does have two sons, and a husband.  Now that being acknowledged, I am hopeful that she is one who is thrilled with the reality of adopting her son’s female companion as the daughter she never had and embraces them with the utmost love and respect (as she would her own children), as opposed to,….well anything less.

This is a place in life where there is no way of preparing, aside from prayer and good, strong in faith, Godly people.  Please do not mistake the previous statement as one of woe, the two points made are fundamental in life in every facet.  I feel so young in my personal faith, especially during this time when my children are so eager for me to just cut them loose into the world.  The more my children grown as individuals and the more I grow as a parent and individual myself the more I can see the truth in the old adage ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’  I pray to God we are in a Good village of people, and my children along with myself and our loved ones are protected and nurtured in the most gracious and Godly way!!

OK!!  Now on to the topic of ‘Rainfall and a Good Read’ I am currently in between reads, meaning I am dabbling in about 3 different books, and several dailies (aka devotionals), plus a little writing.  As far as today and the especially plentiful rainfall that we are being blessed with I have spent some of my time enjoying some good movie watching.  Listening to the thunder and wind and rain can be a very calming experience as long as well-being isn’t threatened.

Alright!! I am going to close for the day and get ready to visit with 16!  Feel free to comment and communicate about writing, life, faith, weather, coffee, food, music, and/or art!!   God Bless and Keep you and yours today and always!!!

* J *




Winter Wonderland

WOWZA!!!!! Where has time gone!!!

Winter is an enjoyable time of year, with temperatures cooling the air is so crisp and cool.  Fireplaces glowing and warm clothes……oh wait…..that’s not what winter is like here!!! Winters where I am are dual season days.  Hmmmm, maybe you’re thinking ‘What does dual season days mean?’  I will explain.  Dual season days are when you wake up in the morning and the temperature out side is cold or at least some what chilly or cool, AND by around noon it feels like a beautiful spring day,…..in the middle of December!!

I am not, by any means complaining.  I am fond of cold, wintery weather though!!  I enjoy a good 3-4+ inches of snow (the fluffy, soft kind).  It looks so beautiful on the trees, fence posts, and mailboxes.  I continue, even at my age, 🙂 to have fun seeing my breathe in the cold air.  I don’t play and roll around in the beautiful, white ground cover as much now, instead I have taken the role of the hot chocolate with marshmallows maker!!! YUM! YUM!

My youngins are entering an age where their interest in playing in the snow is changing to more of an enjoyment of just seeing it and enjoying the beauty of the clean white pureness of its blanketing the ground.  Hot Chocolate is a consistent enjoyment for our household every winter season, especially during the snowfalls.

So as December comes to a close, I will wait and see what January brings for winter weather, and I will be thrilled as always when the snowfall finally arrives and there is hot chocolate being made on the stove!!!

I hope everyone is having an amazing season, and blessed holidays!!

December 26,2015





Day 5 of Challenge

Ooops!!! I missed writing  the post for day 5 on the actual day 5 of this challenge,  so looks like a double post for today.

WHAT a lovely and relaxing day!!  I have enjoyed it.  I have done nothing I, or most folks I know, would consider “productive”, however, I have enjoyed myself none-the-less.

Simplicity really is extremely clarifying, especially, to the differences between wants and needs.  Also, there really is enrichment of the soul when one allows themselves to experience and appreciate the nostalgia of, what some would call, primitive ways of living.

The house we are currently living in is cozy, and comfy, with the exception of our having to large of furniture for it, causing it to seem cluttered to me.  Yes, I realize, I may stand alone with this belief.

Any way, that is enough for the moment.

Maybe I will post again tonight and be back on track with this Challenge.

Blessings!!  Hoping Your afternoon is a great one!!

Day 4 of the Challenge

Nothing But the Water by Grace Potter

I have seen what man can do

When the evil live inside of you

Many are the weak and the strong are few

But with the water we’ll start anew

Well won’t you take me down to the levee?

Take me down to the stream

Take me down to the water

 We’re gonna wash our souls clean

Take me down to the river

Take me down to the lake

Yes, we’ll all go together

We’re gonna do it for the Good Lord’s sake

I’ve fallen so many times

For the devils sweet cunning rhymes

This old world has brought me pain

But there’s hope for me again

Well won’t you take me down to the levee

Take me down to the stream

Take me down to the water

We’re gonna wash our souls clean

Take me down to the river

Take me down to the lake

Yes, we’ll all go together

We’re gonna do it for the Good Lord’s sake

I tried my hand at the Bible

Tried my hand at Prayer, but now nothing

but the water is gonna bring my soul to bare

but now nothing but the water

is gonna bring my soul to bare.

Okay, so I cheated and borrowed some lyrics!! This artist also has a great voice!

God Bless and Good night!

Day 3 of Challenge

A new perspective can be a difficult change.  It can come down to a question of faith and is this new perspective/change an abandonment of faith and betrayal to self and belief.  Also if this perspective/change becomes more of a warring between sides of a persons familial ties…….well what then……especially when both sides seem to have valid points of view.  How can one who has never experienced their own independence without any influence from prominent familial figures in their life honestly have their own perspective unbiased by emotional connections to families involved.

Tough place to be, if I do say so myself, and would hope for that person that God or….well, anyway, a hefty dose of Mercy and Grace and Strength and Endurance to be dispersed upon the one being the rope in the middle of what seems to be a “Tug-of-War.”

God Bless and Good Night 🙂

Day 2 of the Muscle Challenge

Thank You for the moments in life when I have a glimpse of clarity, a sense of certainty and confirmation that revives faith and belief in goodness and love.
Thank You for the moments when Love and Time and Energy that has been invested in someone becomes fruitful.
Thank You for Patience, Grace, Compassion during the stubborn and struggling times.
Thank You for Strength when this life’s storms are violent.
Thank You for Discernment when the enemy tries to creep in.
Thank You for Protection beyond what eyes can see or hands can feel.
Thank You that when I am deceived you help me get straight.
Thank You for teaching me to live for more than a man’s wants.
Thank You for my life.
Thank You for those entrusted to me to nurture and love.
Thank You for believing in me when I could not believe in myself.
Thank You for reviving my Trust.
Thank You for Protecting me from wrong choices.
Thank You for Wisdom.
Thank You for giving me Discernment to recognize the wolves in sheep clothing and Protection when I do not recognize.
Thank You for helping Your leaders.
Thank You for helping Your army.
Thank You for Forgiving me.

God Bless, Good Night, AMEN!

Challenging the writing/blogging muscles!

It is September 1 and, very much, summery weather. To exercise my writing/blogging muscles I will be posting daily…..even if it is only 5 words. Enough is enough! No more neglect!! 🙂

This is an outlet for me, as I believe it is for most bloggers, therefore the subject matter and tone could vary, especially in the beginning until the “muscles” are toned and in shape.

If you have read any of the previous postings on this blog you have noticed that this has been a season of change and transition in life. The realization of how little control we have in our lives and at the very same time how much control we do have continues to be evident . For example when loved ones, whom we have been solely responsible for, begin to become more independent and while it is exactly as it should be in natural progression of life, it unexpectedly presents to us the fears of letting go and losing that control.  The lack of control comes with the ways life progresses and changes and the control we maintain comes in how we respond and grow with those progressions and changes.

Now, please, keep in mind this blog is coming from a mother of two, and the eldest of the two is in the early teen years in a world much more mature than that of the one I knew at that age. So most of what is written on this space will be from the First Time Parent perspective.

We (meaning myself and their father) try to express our appreciation to the eldest child for their understanding that this is the first time we have ever been parents and so we are learning and we ask forgiveness for the times we fail, because we do.

Parenting is proving to be one of the best teaching formats I have experienced. As parents we are on both sides of the “looking glass” so to speak. We see the childhood side and now the side of our parents, and boy-o-boy is this an interesting position, whew!

While I am not physically on a tight rope, at times, my body physically feels that way. Its getting better all the time though, especially the more settled in we get to each new phase of life. It just so happens both children are beginning new chapters of life this year, along with the husband having a significant change in job/income, and myself changing careers.  One going to middle school and one to high school, as for me……..well, I’m still waiting for that door to open.

Marriage and motherhood are HUMONGO gifts and responsibilities, and from both I have grown immensely, and am thankful for forgiving and faithful participants in my life.  The most difficult person to gain forgiveness from has been, well, 🙂 MYSELF!  I am also so thankful for those who encourage, NOT enable, me to grow from my shortcomings or outright ignorance.

One day at a time, learning, growing, loving, forgiving, restoring, encouraging, and so much more, it is all we are expected to do, and Thankfully His Grace is sufficient for each of us!

Have a great day!